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Optional Second School Day

$995 (Ford Racing Mustang GT) or $1,395 (Ford Racing Mustang FR500S)

Another day of instruction and driving in our two-day school—and the option to upgrade to a Ford Racing Mustang FR500S, expands on the skills learned in our single-day curriculum, and puts a greater emphasis on refinement and consistency. An optional second day brings these benefits:

  • Experience new track configuration (in most cases)
  • Additional classroom instruction
  • Additional instructor feedback
  • Get more track time
  • Two morning track sessions
  • Two afternoon track sessions
  • Drive a Ford Racing Mustang GT
  • Upgrade to the Ford Racing Mustang FR500S for $400
About the Ford Racing Mustang GT school car

These Mustangs are equipped with a variety of Ford Racing performance parts, including springs, shocks, sway bars, 4:10 ring and pinion, short tube headers, cold air intake, short shift kit, Brembo brake calipers, Performance Friction brake pads and BFGoodrich® g-Force™ T/A® KDW performance street tires. With the necessary safety equipment (roll cage, racing seats and belts), these are the perfect performance driving school cars.

About the Ford Mustang FR500S

Available as an upgrade from the Mustang GT school car in our two- and three-day classes, the Mustang FR500S is also used in our Licensing School and the MPRA, our local race series. This Mustang has many of the same upgrades found in the Mustang school car but also includes 350 pounds worth of weight savings, plus a data acquisition system, race seat and steering wheel, window net, fire system, six-speed gearbox, 3:73 ring and pinion, long tube headers, front splitter and rear wing, GT 500 wheels and BFGoodrich® g-Force™ R1™ tires.

FR500S Mustang
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